Calcutta Verona Kitchen

Stone in Photos: Calcutta Verona


Elegant Sink


Kitchen with Island: Fantasy Brown

Granite Used: Fantasy Brown

Kitchen Elevation

This kitchen just got elevated for new memories. The granite used for this project is White G. What makes this counter top design convenient is that 2 levels can help you manage your kitchen endeavors. For example you can have guests set their food on the higher level, and leave the opportunity for seconds on the lower level. Just in time for the football games!

Kitchen on Silver Clouds

This kitchen is on cloud 9. This kitchen adds an island to its design with Silver Cloud granite. Silver Cloud’s durability can make cleaning a breeze. The granite can also come in darker and lighter colors.


His and Her Sinks

No need to share a sink here! Here is a design of a double sink countertop using Silver Waves. It is a very durable granite that can handle any bathroom sink routine.

Big Kitchen Island

A kitchen island so big, you could give it coordinates. Here we have a renovated kitchen with a huge piece of Giallo Fiorito. This type of design gives a good example for using natural stone instead of quartz. Natural stone can come in larger sizes than quartz. This means less seams when putting in your new countertop. For more info on the difference between natural stone and quartz, check out our article.

Kitchen Countertop Corner Design

Here is a common kitchen design you may have seen before. This project has the countertop surrounding a corner of the kitchen. The kitchen countertop also has an elevated level for placing appetizers and more. With Fantasy Brown, it adds a new blend of colors for the kitchen.

Nothing but Kitchen Sink

You may have heard of “everything but the kitchen sink”, but what about “nothing but the kitchen sink”? Here is a kitchen sink design our team has done recently. We can fabricate to your desires to have a great start to your new kitchen.