Kitchen Countertop Corner Design

Here is a common kitchen design you may have seen before. This project has the countertop surrounding a corner of the kitchen. The kitchen countertop also has an elevated level for placing appetizers and more. With Fantasy Brown, it adds a new blend of colors for the kitchen.

Nothing but Kitchen Sink

You may have heard of “everything but the kitchen sink”, but what about “nothing but the kitchen sink”? Here is a kitchen sink design our team has done recently. We can fabricate to your desires to have a great start to your new kitchen.

Kitchen Projects

Here are a couple of kitchen projects that we’ve help made a reality.

The Trio

This slideshow shows you how 3 components can make 1 beautiful kitchen. There are granite countertops to make the kitchen look smooth. There is the backsplash that complements the countertops. And finally, there is the dark cabinets to help balance the kitchen’s light and dark colors.


Simple Yet Effective

This slideshow shows that a kitchen can look simple and elegant. The white cabinets blends in well with the granite countertops. The minimalist design helps make a great first impression on any visitor.


Horigan Residence

Granite and Tile Installation project Fairhaven, MA

Welcome to the Horigan resience, the home of recently compeleted project by Garcia Tile. This project included new marble countertops in the bathroom, new tile shower surround as well as a granite top for an island in the walk in closet.