Garcia Tile : Disclaimer

At Garcia Tile, we want to make sure you have a little more information about stone countertops so you can make a more informed decision while you ‘get to know’ the process. Garcia is committed to providing great customer service, and there are things you should know about your stone before making your purchase. In order for you to experience a higher level of satisfaction, we encourage you to read this entire document. Garcia is keeping you in the ‘KNOW’ about your granite purchase. Granite and Quartz are exceptional upgrades to your home that you will enjoy for many years. If you have questions about our document and disclaimer, contact us here.

Disclaimer: The knows of the process

  • Know the granite:
    • Granite is a natural stone mined in many countries all over the world. Natural stones may have fissures, divots or coloration variances that may be perceived as defects. Any divots, color variations, or patterns come from the granite’s natural creative process, not Garcia Tile. It is also necessary to know that one slab can be different from another slab, even though they are the same named stone. Some imperfections can be modified during fabrication, but Garcia Tile is not responsible for these natural occurrences. These are found in every natural stone.
    • Depending on the size, shape and length in the requested granite or quartz countertops, there may need to be a seam planned to complete the length of the counter run. Seams are less noticeable on a darker stone and usually most visible on a light-colored stone. The placement of a seam can be discussed by the customer directly with the fabrication team.
  • Know the service:
    • Garcia Tile provides fabrication and installation services for the Quartz and Granite stones we stock or special order for customer projects.
    • Most projects can be templated, fabricated and installed within about 2 weeks from the time of deposit, as long as the cabinetry footprint is complete prior to templating. There are busy stretches which may increase lead time to 3 weeks during certain times of the year.
    • We do our best to accommodate all projects that require special attention.
    • Special Order stones are delivered within 2-5 business days. Customer must visit distributor and choose the stone prior to having it sent to Garcia for fabrication.
    • All stone projects require a 50% deposit prior to fabricating.
    • The granite is cleaned and sealed at customer’s house directly after installation. We are not responsible for a stone that is more porous and requiring additional sealer to be applied. This can be done by the customer.
    • We DO NOT provide services such as plumbing installation or hook up, electricity connect / disconnect or gas connection. These services are to be provided by licensed trade contractors.
  • Know what you can do:
    • As the customer, plan to visit our granite warehouse to views the slabs in stock before committing to a purchase. Appointments can be made to browse the selection or visit the warehouse at your convenience. Our in-stock stones are individually displayed with the stone name written on the underside.
    • It is suggested for the homeowner or contractor to be on site when the template and measurements for the project are being done. If there are questions regarding the template or measurements, a call will be made to the homeowner or contractor before the fabrication begins. All cabinets must be in their final place when templates are made. If any changes after the template or measurements are made, the homeowner or contractor must notify Garcia Tile immediately.
    • It is not necessary for someone to be on site during installation if Garcia can have access to the installation site on the scheduled install date and time.
    • If the stone countertop has a visible issue (such as a chip or dimple) or unforeseen issue (such as a cabinet door obstruction) prior to or during installation, have the installer contact Garcia management right away. Any damage issues that occur after counter installation (such as plumbing, or appliance installation) ARE NOT Garcia Tile’s responsibility.
  • Know the date:
    • Appointments for template can be made by phone, and in most cases, templating can be completed within a day or two of request during normal business hours.
    • Granite installations are Monday – Friday, between 9 am and 5 pm. All installations are scheduled in advance with the customer. A specific date and time (morning or afternoon) installation are logged for each customer.
    • If rescheduling is necessary, please notify Garcia Tile at least 3 days before scheduled installation date.
    • You can make an appointment to view stones, browse the showroom, or speak with a manager directly. You may call with questions at any time during normal business hours.