Stone Care for Homeowners

Garcia Tile recommends sealing your granite tops twice each year – before the summer season, and before the fall holiday season.  These are the times when kitchens are under maximum usage by the entire family.  Here are some other stone care tips for homeowners to use as a guideline in caring for your granite counter tops:

  • Never use bleach or products with ammonia when cleaning your granite. This means no wipes with bleach, and no glass cleaner.  These products can cause the stone surface to become dull or cloudy with prolonged use.  A multi-surface cleaner is usually OK, just check the label before using.
  • Use a Stone Polish for everyday shine up, or weekly shine up, to prevent streaks from spills and hand-prints.  Like furniture polish, it will help the stone build tolerance to resist most kitchen spills and food messes.
  • Stone Cleaner should only be used to clean a sticky mess from a party, or one time cleanup from a holiday meal prep, or cleaning a mess from craft making activities.  Or construction messes such as joint compound, sawdust or other dusty debris.  Stone cleaner strips protective elements from the stone, so occasional use – not everyday use, is recommended. A soapy dish cloth is fine anytime!
  • Stone Sealer should be applied twice each year.  First, use a stone cleaner, and wipe all areas and edges of the granite.  Next, simply spray or pour stone sealer onto the surface, and wipe all surfaces, edges and back splash areas of the stone using a paper towel.  Continue wiping until sealer is absorbed by the stone.  Finally, wipe the entire area with a soapy dish cloth and wipe dry before prepping any food items on the granite surface.  Resume daily or weekly use of stone polish.
  • Beware of spills from red wine, grape juice or nail polish remover.  These should be wiped up right away.  If left on the stone, staining or damage could occur.
  • Quartz Stone is man made, and has lots more tolerance to chemicals than natural granite.  Most cleaners – including acetone – can be used for cleaning, as well as glass cleaner, bleach wipes, etc.  Nail polish remover can damage the quartz surface, and should be wiped up right away.

Garcia Tile is pleased to provide Stone Care services for our customers, including stone sealing, and silicone caulk applications for sink and back splash wear and tear.

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