Stone Care for Homeowners


Stone care and maintenance is very important. Natural stone is a porous surface. That means it has spaces to allow liquid to seep in and stain your countertop. Protect your investment by maintaining the proper routine for daily cleaning and applying protective sealants.


  • Everyday cleaning of a natural stone counter or surface should be done with a granite cleaning product or an organic cleaner. Proceed to rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry completely using a dry cloth.
  • For spills, please use the blotting method instead of wiping stains. Wiping a spill can result in a spread of the spilled substance. Clean spills up immediately and avoid leaving a spill on the counter for a long amount of time.
  • Do not use vinegar or any product that contains bleach or ammonia. These chemicals can have an effect on the stone and cause discoloration or permanent wear/dullness on the top layer of final polish.

Protective Sealing

  • We recommend using a water-based or oil based sealant that is designed to protect your specific stone material. A sealant is not designed to actually “seal” your counter, but is designed to be a repellent. Sealers form a vapor-permeable barrier that resist water- and oil-based stains.
  • To apply a sealer properly, apply with a dry cloth, spreading sealer evenly throughout the surface. Make sure to remove any excessive sealer. Give sealer the proper time recommended to dry and wipe the surface dry.
  • Sealing is recommended twice a year. Once before the summer season and once before the fall holiday season
  • To test if a surface needs to be sealed, just place a few droplets of water on the counter and watch for response time. If the droplet is absorbed within 1 to 3 minutes then the counter must be resealed.

Video Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial to help you understand more about maintaining your counters


Garcia Tile recommends sealing your granite tops twice each year – before the summer season, and before the fall holiday season.  These are the times when kitchens are under maximum usage by the entire family. Never use bleach, vinegar, or other products containing ammonia to clean. blot the spill instead of wiping it. Use a water or oil-based sealant designed for your stone.

For more information on Stone Care, check out Stone Essentials and go to Stone Care 101.

Garcia Tile provides Stone Care services for our customers, including stone sealing, and silicone caulk applications for sink and back splash wear and tear.

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